za nepovjerovat :shock:

Rasprave na razne teme... Ako ne znate gdje poslati poruku, pošaljite je ovdje.

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za nepovjerovat :shock:

Post by The_Flyer2002 » 23/06/2006 05:31

kad sam ovo vidio nisam mogo povjerovat, ali eto svasta ima na ovome internetu:

THECLASH, I can't let that line about slaughtering Muslims for no reason pass. The Muslims were border crossing from Albania, much like the Mexicans come across our southern borders. Once they became a majority, they wanted to seceed from Serbia and form a Greater Albania. The Muslims were using terror tactics and the Serbs fought back. Until we bombed the crap out of them. It's pretty much what will happen if we can't control our borders and La Raza claims Aztlan back because of demographics.

Cheers, Jeff.

I wasn't talking about WW2 stuff, but the recent Albanian invasion/colonization of Kosovo and the NATO bombings on the Serbs. I got most of my 411 from a Serb co-worker on the nightshift of a nuke outage. He was a machinist and I was a pipefitter, we had a lot of time to kill and he told me a lot of stuff that I wasn't aware of.

Peace out,

e svasta


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Post by Hendrix » 23/06/2006 10:07

A šta oni znaju uopšte?Neki srbin ispriča svoju verziju i ljudi kontaju tako je,to ti je ono ko tabloidi ,svako ima svoju verziju.

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