SREBRENICA i Fun-da-mental

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SREBRENICA i Fun-da-mental

Post by silence_is_sexy » 10/07/2006 20:20

novi album Fun-da-mentala... zadnja pjesma... ovo je stvarno zajebano - da ljudi u londonu imaju vise osjecaja za nesto sto se desilo nama ne tako davno nego velika vecina bh muzicke/javne/kulturne scene (cast onoj manjini koja je progovorila javno o tome ne zbog koristoljublja i samopromocije vec iskreno i od srca...)


Was it Christianity that strangled the life out of defenseless Muslims or was it nationalism that committed another holocaust? In front of the eyes of their so called defenders they were herded and massacred wholesale, the barracks of the Dutch UN peacekeepers displayed their contempt of the Muslims with graffiti on the walls for all to see. On the doorstep of the Europe it committed yet another crime; foolishly we waited for rescue whilst barbaric genocide took place. We hold our heads in shame and so should the Muslim Governments across the world as they displayed their incompetence and impotence to take the correct steps to stop massacre of Muslims across Yugoslavia. Milosevic died a dog’s death but the wounds of deliberate genocide echo and rebound. Murderers remain at large whilst the West busies itself attempting to remove the last vestiges of Islam from the noble and pious Bosnian people...


Miris tuge zora sprema / The smell of sorrow the dawn is bringing
Sabah svice nikog nema / Morning is rising, no one is here
Cujem jecaj duse nevine / I hear weeping, innocent souls
Plac u tami pjesma postaje / Crying in the darkness becomes a song

Aman, zeman / Oh, the time
Aman, zeman / On, the time

Kraj kabura slike sjecanja / Neer the graves, images of memories
Na njima zor, lica ocaja / And on them torture, faces of despair
Srebren san zeman sprema / Silver dream the time is bringing
Bol i tuga, zaborava nema / Pain and sorrow, can not be forgotten

Aman, zeman / Aman, zeman (time)
Aman, zeman / Oh, zeman (time)
Of Aman Srebrenice / Of Aman Srebrenice

This is the closest to the real meaning of Bosnian lyrics which are the mix of the eldest Bosnian language with a daily language. The word Aman the way I used it in the song would have a meaning close to oh God, oh why, Zeman means time and I thought of the two as a combination for repetitive middle lines that any traditional song would have in Bosnia. So it is something that can symbolise heavy heart and sad, sad deep emotion

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