Scholarship for Women to study Human Rights

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#1 Scholarship for Women to study Human Rights

Post by repeater » 18/10/2006 18:33

evo, ovo naletilo .. mozda nekome ovdje pomogne.
>We are writing to you to inform you about a funding opportunity for women
>pursuing non-doctoral level graduate education. We thought that this
>information might be of some use to the students in your Euro. Regional
>Master in Democracy and Human Rights in SE Europe program.
>The Women's Leadership Scholarship (WLS) (formerly the Native Leadership
>Scholarship) program creates educational opportunities for women who are
>grassroots leaders, organizers and activists from the Global South and/or
>from indigenous groups. WLS invests in women's leadership by supporting
>non-doctoral graduate education in human rights, sustainable development,
>and public health.
>Pre-applications for the 2007-08 academic year will be available on our
>website on January 1, 2007. For more information please visit
>www.nativeleaders. org. Attached is a more complete description of the
>Scholarship guidelines and eligibility requirements. Please distribute this
>message widely.
>Laura Mapp, Program Manager
>Native Leadership Scholarship
>Channel Foundation
>603 Stewart St., Suite 415
>Seattle, WA 98101
>tel: (00)1-206-621- 5447
>fax: (00)1-206-621- 2664

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