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Post by stripiii » 19/04/2007 22:46

Da li funkcionise pojma nemam :D

Rapidshare Bypass All Download Limits 2007

1. Actual links are automatically copied to clipboard so Flashget detects it automatically.
2. For rapidshare split files just copy all links into the text file and it decodes them one after another and gives it to Flashget so you have to do it only once .
3. It also works with myTempDir.

http://rapidshare.com/files/22140327/Re ... s_2007.zip

How to bypass Rapidshare., 100% Working!

Rapidshare since changed their Captcha Images so the program above became unuseable. Though, some very nice members of a german communitiy made it possible again:

- Enter any Link from rapidshare.com oder .de and many other hosters
- Get a full automatic download from rapidshare (it recognises every code by itself)
- Automatically get a new IP after a Rapidshare Download is finished (can be turned off)
--> Everything fully automatic, no need to stay at PC the whole Time

With the pack, I created a small readme.pdf . Please go through all the steps one by one. It uses ABBY Finereader to recognise the code.

Here's a list of all supported Routers: routercontrol.de (url)
For all modem users, there is a good way for you to get a new IP, the way is included in readme.pdf

There are a few background information in the first thread. I can give help for Routercontrol, USDownloader and ABBYY but I don't have a modem, I will do what I can to help you.


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Post by vela-ze » 19/04/2007 23:52

stripiii ima li nesto da ti nemas, svaka cast majstore :faraon1: :faraon1: :faraon1:
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Post by Dead Man Walking » 20/04/2007 01:26

Radi li ovaj prvi programcic ili se moraju instalirati oba? Ja sma samo ovaj prvi stavio, medjutim kada kopiram linkove izbaci mi ERROR: WRONG LINK... Ili nesto ne radim kako treba, ili moram skinuti ovaj drugi?

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Post by LordRaven » 20/04/2007 14:32

ovi bypass programi su vam inače teški za konfigurisati tako ako samo jednu postavku pogrešno odradite ništa od ferceranja :-D

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