mod za Battlefield 2 (ako je kome do ratovanja...)

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mod za Battlefield 2 (ako je kome do ratovanja...)

Post by Arslan_ » 02/10/2006 17:15

Uskoro bi se trebao pojaviti "mod" pod naslovom "Men of Courage" za Battlefield 2(inace odlicnu igricu) kojoj ce tematika biti "sledeci" rat u Bosni.
Evo kratkog opisa.

"In war the first casualty's are the innocent."

The year is 2012 ... growing tension in the Balkans has yet again given the international community reason for concern. Kosovo has been declared a free and independent state, and the so-called Serb Republic in Bosnia & Herzegovina has been abolished, through a referendum, thereby re-uniting the country once again. This has led to massive surge in pro-Serb nationalist movements across the countries of Bosnia & Herzegovina as well as Serbia & Montenegro. Movements still loyal to Radovan Karadic, even after his capture and sentencing in the war crimes tribunal in The Hague, have started to gain more and more support both in the Serb government and Army.

March 12. 2012 demonstrations, instigated by separatist movements, break out in Bosnia and Kosovo. Serb communities in areas where the Serbs are a majority, start blocking roads, claiming that the governments of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo have unfairly treated them. The UN sends negotiators to try to calm the situation but to no avail, what starts of as a few isolated incidents around the territory of former Yugoslavia turns to full scale riots, and fighting breaks out in Bjeljina, Prjedor and Doboj in Bosnia, as police forces try to contain the situation. Civilians both for and against the government start fighting against each other, first with fists and bats, but it progresses to small arms fire.

The situation grows more and more desperate as the international community once again sends peacekeeping forces to help the civilian population in those areas.

March 16. 2012 the Peacekeeping forces land in Sarajevo at 0800 in the morning. Moments later a massive aerial bombardment of the airport is initiated by the Serb separatist movement "Slobodna Srpska" or "Free Serbia", it ends up killing 23 peacekeepers. A crises meeting is summand in the Security Council, to discuses what needs to be done, but no clear conclusion comes out of the talks. It becomes apparent that this Serb nationalist movement is incredibly well armed and organised. In the meantime similar attacks occur all across the territory Bosnia. Many Serbs in Bosnia and Kosovo support the separatist movement, and begin taking up arms against the respective lawfully elected governments.
March 18 - 21 .2012 the separatist Serb forces declare that they do not recognize the democratically elected government of Serbia and Montenegro, stage a coup d'etat and seize control of the government and military, 2nd Armoured Corps is commanded into Kosovo to try to re-take it by force. Shortly thereafter the 4th Army Regiment is dispatched into Bosnia to aid the separatist Serb forces already fighting in that region

The Bosnian army, which is comprised of Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs that are still loyal to the Bosnian government, is quickly mobilised to stop the massive downpour of the Serb forces over the border and prevent further civilian casualties.

War is a fact!

March 25. 2012 yet another crises meeting is summand in the Security Council.
The international community, set on not repeating the events of the last two Balkan Wars as well as to stop the war from spilling over into neighbouring countries, sanction armed military intervention and thereby give the green light to send armed forces to the region under Dutch command.

March 28. 2012 The Dutch Royal Air force sets up a base of operations on the Italian Villafranca Air Force Base, the Royal Navy is given a green light to send out an amphibious taskforce to the Adriatic Sea and the Royal Army gets mobilised into Bosnia and Serbia & Montenegro.

The story ends and the fighting begins...

A mod about a fictional "new war in the Balkans".

The mod will feature:

- Realistic places

- Air, Ground and Sea battles ( subs, frigats and all)

- Incredible amout of ground,air and water vehicles
on top of an equaly dazzling amount of handweapons
and small-arms to play around with.

- A carefull balance between realism and plain old fun.

- Combination of vehicular and infantry combat. With
equal focus on both.

In short something that the whole family can enjoy!

Take a strole by the site and check it out for your self...

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Post by cevapXXL » 02/10/2006 17:43

Imas i americasarmy igru koja je besplatna u internetu i ima puno nasih sto to igraju. Probo sam malo i mogu ti reci da je igra haos al nazalost nemam vremena za igrice inace bi vec odavno bio u SFBiH- klanu tj. najvecu bos. klan u AA-Game :D

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Post by Arslan_ » 02/10/2006 17:49

Ma znam za AA ali meni je veci cejf igrati BF2 pogotovo sto igram sa svojom ekipom sa faksa pa se ubijamo bar jedan dan u sedmici :D

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Post by damir_k87 » 04/10/2006 05:30

Ko je ovo pisao? Nostradamus?? :lol:

Bit ce to dobar mod. Jel' znas da li ce biti Doboj u modu????

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Post by rajvosa^ » 04/10/2006 06:53

Ja sutam BF2, ako neko igra javi mi pa da se zajedno konektujemo :D

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