liam howlett u sarajevu

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liam howlett u sarajevu

Post by lafo_mamone » 23/06/2006 13:39

sad sam procitao neki intervju sa prodigy i liam je izjavio da je bio u sarajevu 1997 na koncertu u2 (a to niko nije znao)

Liam and Keith didn’t go out today. Despite Liam’s professed hunger for new frontiers, they seem completely indifferent to their surroundings.
“We get involved this much,” says Liam. “Do we want to go there? Yes. Is it safe? Yes. Right then, let’s do it.”
It’s nine months since I went to U2’s concert in Sarajevo. They’d gone to Bosnia on a self-appointed mission of solidarity with the people of a city that had been walled off from western pop culture for three-and-a-half years. They’d slashed ticket prices, talked up the healing properties of rock’n’roll, displayed a commanding knowledge and understanding of local politics and history, and gone round for tea with the President. The Prodigy aren’t even holding a press conference.
“I find it very hard to understand politics,” admits Keith. “I like to go to places and just take them in at a surface level.”
Last night, I’d been telling Keith about U2’s Sarajevo show, and trying to get him interested in the idea of taking The Prodigy to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where they are massively popular. “We’ve been,” Keith said. No, I said, they hadn’t. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had so many Sarajevan friends bending my ear about whether The Prodigy would ever go and play there. “I’m sure we have,” Keith had insisted, distractedly. Eventually, I’d suggested that maybe it had been Zagreb or Llubljana. Easy enough mistake to make if you spend your life on tour, I guess, though it would be a bad idea to make it while actually in any of those cities. “That’s it,” Keith had said. “The one starting with L.” Someone else later explained that The Prodigy’s Balkan show had been in neither Croatia or Slovenia, but in the Macedonian capital of Skopje.
“It’s funny being here, though,” muses Keith, looking out the window. “Because it’s like a joke, this place, isn’t it? If you go on holiday and stay somewhere shitty, you come back and say it was like Beirut, don’t you?”

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