Letter to Elvis

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Letter to Elvis

Post by mrak » 12/12/2006 19:54

Evo jedan pokusaj, ja stvarno nisam neki englez...pa mi pomozite..

O Elvis,
I'm so happy nowdays
I have a huge flat in the middle of Manhattan

With Tom Waits
My husband is playing

True, he's a white man
But he's got the soul for the blues

I think of the happy days *
when we ate baklava at my grandmother's place *

Newyork is cold

No friend
No one
To visit on bajram

Why did I have to

Maybe I could have gotten
A probation? *

No use
Freedom, medications

When they ask you to betray your friends

No one was sadder than me
As I heard

Zijo was dead

The happy times are gone
Today I'm a different woman

Did you dedicate your self to your children
You promised
You'll give my name to your daughter

Make sure they're nice and golden
Don't let 'em become evil drug addicts

O Elvis,
I'm not happy at all

Half of Manhatten had me

My own mother
Would I sell out

For the half of gram

At the end
I wish you luck

Sarajevo I will never see again

So please
When upon the city the rockets are lit

Put your hand on your heart
and rembember me

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Post by Zvucnjak » 12/12/2006 21:42

ne kontam poentu ove teme ... ovo je samo prevedena pjesma zabranjenog pusenja ...

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