Kako se otrgnuti industrijskim lobijima?

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Re: Kako se otrgnuti industrijskim lobijima?

Post by _Dame_ » 03/03/2011 22:24

Kad se diskusija razvije, još samo napiši koliko je pa da se levati navuku... :D

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Re: Kako se otrgnuti industrijskim lobijima?

Post by Elokventni » 03/03/2011 23:21

opticki mikroskop sa uvecanjem od 60000x :? :?

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Re: Kako se otrgnuti industrijskim lobijima?

Post by .Irfan. » 04/03/2011 16:05

E moj Rifate pa sta ti bi??? :cry:

Modern revival, marketing, and health fraud

An interest in Rife was revived in the 1980s by author Barry Lynes, who wrote a book about Rife entitled The Cancer Cure That Worked. The book claimed that Rife's beam ray device could cure cancer, but that all mention of his discoveries was suppressed in the 1930s by a wide-ranging conspiracy headed by the American Medical Association. The American Cancer Society described Lynes' claims as implausible, noting that the book was written "in a style typical of conspiratorial theorists" and defied any independent verification.[6]

Following this revival of interest, devices bearing Rife's name began to be produced and marketed. Such "Rife devices" have been at the center of a number of cases of health fraud in the U.S. In one such case, Life Energy Resources mass-produced the REM SuperPro Generator, marketed as a "Rife device" which could cure numerous diseases including cancer and AIDS.[16] The marketers of this device were convicted of felony health fraud; the sentencing judge described them as "target[ing] the most vulnerable people, including those suffering from terminal disease" and providing false hope.[17] Similarly, the American Cancer Society reported in 1994 that Rife machines were being sold in a "pyramid-like, multilevel marketing scheme"; a key component of the marketing approach was the claim that the device was being suppressed by an establishment conspiracy against cancer "cures".[6]

The Attorneys General of Wisconsin and Minnesota sued a marketer of one such frequency generator for deceptive trade practices and consumer fraud. The Court found that she had violated the law and that, as a result of her actions, a cancer patient had ceased chemotherapy and died four months later.[18]

In 2002 John Bryon Krueger, who operated the "Royal Rife Research Society," was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his role in a murder and also received a concurrent 30-month sentence for illegally selling Rife devices.[19]

In Australia, the use of Rife machines has been blamed for the deaths of cancer patients who might have been cured with conventional therapy.[7] Although "Rife devices" are not registered by the U.S Food and Drug Administration and have been linked to deaths among cancer sufferers, the Seattle Times reported that over 300 people attended the 2006 Rife International Health Conference in Seattle, where dozens of unregistered devices were sold.[8]

In 2009 a US Federal jury convicted James Folsom of 26 felony counts for sale of the Rife devices sold as “NatureTronics,” “AstroPulse,” “BioSolutions,” “Energy Wellness,” and “Global Wellness.”[19]

"According to testimony at trial, the defendant purchased over 9,000 units, which he sold to distributors for approximately $1000-1200 and to retail customers for $1995, with sales of over $8 million. The devices were manufactured by the defendant and others in a San Diego location, which he failed to register with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a device manufacturing establishment. The defendant used the false name “Jim Anderson” when selling the device and used post office boxes, self-storage units, and bank accounts opened in the names of others to conduct his business, all in an effort to avoid detection by the FDA."[20]

He was placed in custody, with sentencing originally scheduled for May 2009.[19][21] He was released on bail on 18 December 2009.[22] In February 2010, Folsom was ordered to pay a $250,000 fine and was sentenced to 59 months in prison to be followed by 3 years of supervised release. The judge also ordered the destruction of more than 450 devices that the Government had seized during the execution of a search warrant at a self-storage unit used by Folsom. [23]

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