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Beyond The Infinite is the first edition of an international multimedia project, wich will take place in Srebrenik next month (August), when it becomes Arts colony. Beyond The Infinite intended to offer a platform for the new generations of artists and young cultural producers. The project intends to implement the idea of interculturality, to establish a new cultural and artistic bond on the stage of Bosnian art and between those of different countries. The event hopes to stimulate the creative ways of the most modern visions of perceiving and recording the cultural realities in contemporary art. The event aims to promote the activity of young artists and of those who belong to the contemporary movement, through introducing and presenting the current processes and the most innovating and revolutionary tendencies.
This event is intended to be annual. This would give the opportunity of presenting the existing experimental intentions of audio-visual art, to identify their status in the current context and to link them to the new innovating elements.

The project entry is free.
Those who are interested may apply, whitout any restrictions concerning number of works ( Digital art, video, graphic, animation or vj-movie).

Technical details:- before the movie, there should be 10 seconds blank.
- the works must be sent in a Quicktimeformat or Microsoft avi 720x576 with compression dv-pal and sound of 48kh, on CD/DVD (data).

All works will be included in the program. There will be no jury.
A presentation of the project will be available on the site.
The deadline for submitting the works is August 10th, 2005.

The movie works should be sent at:
Stjepan II Kotromanic
75350 Srebrenik
Bosnia and Herzegovina

The graphics works should be sent at:
[email protected]

Each artist should send his biography and picture!!!

Start at 19.00 whit short videos- presentation (Movie theater)
At the same time graphics will be exhibited in the gallery.
At 20.00 jazz concert (The Garden, outside the gallery).
The list of artists and the detailed program will soon be published on the site.
For additional information please contact [email protected], tel. +38761 737473
Soon more information at


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