Hatha Yoga v 1.0

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Hatha Yoga v 1.0

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Hatha Yoga - The practice of Hatha Yoga can help you recognize your
hidden physical and mental potentials. Through the continued performance
of postures(Asanas), you will gain flexibility and strength, and learn to be
more relaxed under otherwise stressful situations.
Hatha Yoga contains 40 animated postures (asanas)
and step-by-step instructions for each of them.
Hatha Yoga Exercises will open the energy channels, help toning
your muscles, some postures may also help to prevent diseases.

The number of fat cells you have was determined by the time
you finished growing and the number of fat cells you have is fixed.
Either you keep the fat cells full or you keep them empty.
(This theory is being tested for other ages and sexes
such as pregnant women who may be able to make more fat cells
during the last three months of a pregnancy.)
Ideally, you want to have a small number of fat cells.

A fat cell has an unlimited ability to increase in size.
As fat cells increase in size, you may notice
a rippling effect on the surface of your skin.
This process can be reduced with proper exercise.
Choose an exercise you like so that you will stick with exercising regularly.
With exercise you can decrease your percent of body fat
and increase your percent of muscle.

Most men have 18 to 20% body fat and most women have between 22 and 24% body fat.

Remember that your body benefits from regular (3 to 5 times a week at 30 to 60 minutes per day) exercise.

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