Festival ARTenalia in Poznan /POLAND/

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#1 Festival ARTenalia in Poznan /POLAND/

Post by ruzinek » 24/02/2011 09:00

The Festival of Students' Culture ARTenalia will take place for the fourth time on the 6th to 8th May in Poznań. The aim of the Festival is to promote new art. However, this time the organizers decided to make a step beyond the borders of Poland and invite students from foreign universities to collaborate. We would like to show the student community the film visions and perspectives of seeing the reality presented by young people from abroad. On account of this we invite everyone to send their works for the Festival from the 5th of February to the 5th of March 2011. The detailed information on the ARTenalia Festival and the rules of entering the works can be found on site www.artenalia.pl.

I want to say that is not just a film festival but a Festival in which youngs manifesting various forms of art.

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