E-book ili elektronske knjige Vol.4 (od 22.jula 2006.)

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#1 E-book ili elektronske knjige Vol.4 (od 22.jula 2006.)

Post by The_Fluid » 22/07/2006 14:44

Pogledajte i prethodne Volumene:3, 2 i 1

Scientific American Magazine. 2002 Year Complete 61MB

i http://rapidshare.de/files/21281785/SA2002.v287.rar


http://www.oxyshare.com/get/15263268384 ... 6.rar.html
i http://www.oxyshare.com/get/83920696144 ... 7.rar.html

William Rice, «Moodle E-learning Course Development»

Packt Publishing | ISBN 1904811299 | April 30, 2006 | PDF | 256 Pages | 4,2 Mb

A complete guide to successful learning using Moodle
- Straight-forward coverage of installing and using the Moodle system
- Working with Moodle features in all learning environments
- A unique course-based approach focuses your attention on designing well structured, interactive, and successful courses

A complete guide to successful learning using Moodle, focused on course development and delivery and using the best educational practices. Moodle is relatively easy to install and use, but the real challenge is to develop a learning process that leverages its power and maps effectively onto the content established learning situation. This book guides you through meeting that challenge.

This unique book gives you more than just a guide to the Moodle software; it uses Moodle as a route to better teaching, more motivated students, and more successful courses. Moodle is the leading Open Source learning management system. Using Moodle, teachers can easily construct richly textured web based courses. A course can consist of a number of lessons, with each lesson including reading materials; activities such as quizzes, tests, surveys, and projects; and social elements that encourage interaction and group work between students.Moodle E-Learning Course Development shows you how to use Moodle as a tool to enhance your teaching. It will help you analyse your students' requirements, and come to an understanding of what Moodle can do for them. After that you'll see how to use every feature of Moodle to meet your course goals.

The social constructionist learning philosophy is at the heart of Moodle: we all "construct" knowledge through interation with one another and with learning materials in a social way. Moodle E-Learning Course Develelopment will show you how to add static learning material, interactive activities, and social features to your courses so that students reach their learning potential. Whether you want to support traditional class teaching or lecturing, or provide complete online and distance learning courses, this book will prove a powerful resource throughout your use of Moodle.

- Understand what Moodle can do, how it compares to other e-learning packages, and how it can support your teaching strategies
- Install the Moodle software on your own computer or a server, and understand your way around it
- Know how to create different kinds of courses. Moodle can support courses where the group works through the classes with a shared schedule, or where individual students work through at their own pace, or courses where students are free to explore the different topics in their own time. This book will show you how.
- Understand all of Moodle's learning features. Moodle provides features for managing course content, interactive resources, and social activities such as forums and wikis. This book explains what each of these features are, how they work, and most importantly how and when to use them effectively.
- Manage students – so that you can ensure that the right students are going to the right classes; allow students to enrol themselves, or invite students to join a course. You can even set up commercial courses where students pay to sign

William Rice is an experienced trainer and expert on learning and teaching practices. This experience and expertise forms the foundation of his approach: What do we want to teach? How would this best translate into a course? How best can Moodle support these course objectives?Of course, the book contains everything you'd expect from an introduction to Moodle: clear step-by-step instructions, plenty of screenshots, explanations and guides through the many features and options that you have to choose from. Throughout the book, William develops an example course. He uses this example to explore the sort of decisions, design considerations, and thought that goes into developing a successful course.

This book is written for everyone who wants to get the most from Moodle. Beginners to the software will get a thorough guide to how the software works, and some great ideas for getting to a good start with their first course. More experienced Moodlers will find powerful insights into developing more successful and educational courses.

http://rapidshare.de/files/26600156/Pac ... t.rar.html
http://www.oxyshare.com/get/19867620864 ... t.rar.html

The Economist Magazine 01 July 2006

http://rapidshare.de/files/26603765/Eco ... -07-01.rar
http://www.oxyshare.com/get/60613701144 ... 1.rar.html

The Economist Magazine 08 July 2006

http://rapidshare.de/files/26604986/Eco ... -07-08.rar
http://www.oxyshare.com/get/14598207194 ... 8.rar.html

The Economist Magazine 15 July 2006

http://rapidshare.de/files/26605557/Eco ... -07-15.rar
http://www.oxyshare.com/get/10736450144 ... 5.rar.html

The Economist Magazine 22 July 2006

http://rapidshare.de/files/26605817/Eco ... -07-22.rar
http://www.oxyshare.com/get/18184648704 ... 2.rar.html

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DOMUS - 2004 Monthly review of Architecture, Design, Art and Information

Italian/English | PDF | 99.95 MB+55.65 MB+15.51 MB(primjer)

kucati: _Eld77

DOMUS - 2001 Architecture/Design/Art/Communication

Italian/English | PDF | 99.95 MB+55.16 MB

kucati: _Eld77

Kacper M. Postawski, «Powerful Sleep: Secrets of the Inner Sleep Clock - How To Sleep Less and Have More Energy Than You Ever Had Before»

Is it possible to sleep for 4-5 hours and feel more rested, more alert, and more energized than you did when you slept for 8 or 9 hours (or more)?
Yes it is!
The information in this book is extremely powerful, do not underestimate it. This is state of the art optimum life performance information, which may shatter some of your old beliefs about sleep, and give you many learnings and understandings that you will be able to use to revolutionize your life.

If you follow the information in this short e-book you will be able to:

* Reduce your sleeping time.
* Increase the Quality of your Sleep
* Gain more energy than you ever had before.
* Eliminate feelings of drowsiness/inability to concentrate during the day.
* Reduce your Daily Stress Levels

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

* The Popular Myth about Sleeping
* Recent “Eye Opening” Discoveries
* What is Sleep, and Why Do We Sleep?
* A Crash Course on Brain Waves
* The 5 Stages of Sleep
* Sleep Cycles
* How Important is Deep Sleep?
* How Important is REM Sleep?
* So what is Quality Sleep?
* The Underlying System that Governs Our Sleep and Energy
* Circadian rhythm
* Melatonin and Sunlight
* Activity Level
* Prior Wakefulness

kucati: spiderman

Red Hat Fedora 5 Unleashed

Continuing with the tradition of offering the best and most comprehensive coverage of Red Hat Linux on the market, Red Hat Fedora 5 Unleashed includes new and additional material based on the latest release of Red Hat's Fedora Core Linux distribution. Incorporating an advanced approach to presenting information about Fedora, the book aims to provide the best and latest information that intermediate to advanced Linux users need to know about installation, configuration, system administration, server operations, and security.

Red Hat Fedora 5 Unleashed thoroughly covers all of Fedora's software packages, including up-to-date material on new applications, Web development, peripherals, and programming languages. It also includes updated discussion of the architecture of the Linux kernel 2.6, USB, KDE, GNOME, Broadband access issues, routing, gateways, firewalls, disk tuning, GCC, Perl, Python, printing services (CUPS), and security. Red Hat Linux Fedora 5 Unleashed is the most trusted and comprehensive guide to the latest version of Fedora Linux.

http://rapidshare.de/files/26702811/Sam ... y.2006.chm

Smart Computing September 2006 (5 MB)

http://rapidshare.de/files/26699858/Sma ... .part1.rar
http://rapidshare.de/files/26700420/Sma ... .part2.rar

Wakeboarding Magazine June 2006
28.11 MB

kucati: danci

Future Music Mag. 05-2006

Future Music Mag. 06-2006 LATEST ISSUE

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DER SPIEGEL - 30 - July 24 2006

(bez reklama, 9MB)

(sa reklamama, 15MB)

Uni SPIEGEL 2006.4

(bez reklama)

(sa reklamama)

Kultur SPIEGEL 2006.06


Rob Bastiaansen, Sander van Vugt, «Novell Cluster Services for Linux and NetWare»
Novell Press | ISBN 0672328453 | 2006 Year | CHM | 12 Mb | 312 Pages

Need to configure or manage Novell Cluster Services on NetWare, Linux or a mixed environment? Pick up a copy of the official reference guide, Novell Cluster Services for Linux and NetWare. This book blends in-depth information with practical, real world examples to cover cluster services configuration strategies, backup requirements, cluster services management, and upgrading tactics. You'll gain invaluable insight from authors Rob Bastiaansen and Sander van Vugt, two Novell Certified Instructors with day-to-day experience consulting on the topics covered in this book. Master intalling and managing Novell Cluster Services with the tutorial not available from anyone else, Novell Cluster Services for Linux and NetWare.

http://rapidshare.de/files/26749112/RBa ... n.rar.html

Miller Rick, «Java For Artists: The Art, Philosophy, And Science Of Object-Oriented Programming»
Pulp Free Press | ISBN 1932504052 | April 2006 | CHM | 854 Pages | 38,2 Mb

Java For Artists: The Art, Philosophy, and Science of Object-Oriented Programming is a Java programming language text/tradebook that targets beginner and intermediate Java programmers.

http://www.oxyshare.com/get/96834861944 ... e.rar.html

Deidre Hayes «Teach Yourself HTML in 10 Minutes, Fourth Edition»
Sams | ISBN 067232878X | May 2006 | CHM | 240 Pages | 2.34 MB

Don't let a lack of free time keep you from learning HTML to build better websites! Sams Teach Yourself HTML in 10 Minutes, Fourth Edition is a compact, task-oriented tutorial that will show you how to perform the most common tasks involved in designing, creating, publishing, and administering web pages and sites. The book covers only those HTML tags and technologies that are likely to be used on a beginner's web page, and it is organized in a logical step-by-step order that reflects a natural progression. The book's modular design allows you to jump in and learn only what you need to know anywhere throughout the book. This fourth edition of the bestselling book is completely rewritten to make it even more accessible for the beginning Windows and Macintosh user. The easily accessible reference material and updated examples will help understand how to execute tasks to get the results you desire.

http://rapidshare.de/files/26462413/ISB ... X.rar.html

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"the fluid" ako moze novi link za PC WORLD August 2006 :)

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Post by The_Fluid » 24/07/2006 15:31

semso poplava wrote:"the fluid" ako moze novi link za PC WORLD August 2006 :)

nazalost skenirana verzija (nije digitalna):

PC World August 2006

MIT Technology Review: June 2006

http://rapidshare.de/files/26814680/add ... e.2006.rar

Water Ski June 2006

http://rapidshare.de/files/26815136/add ... e.2006.rar

Web User Magazine Issue 136 (June 2006)


CHIP 06 June 2006

http://www.oxyshare.com/get/13430435044 ... 6.rar.html

CHIP 07 July 2006

http://www.oxyshare.com/get/10163451774 ... 7.rar.html

PC World Power Guides

English Manuals | PDF EBooks | 52 Mb Total (Only 44 Mb Compressed in .RAR) | ISBN: There is None | Author: PC World | Pages: Between 10 to 20 pages per guide | Published: 2005/2006

15 Bonus power guides from PC World Magazine! (available only to subscribers ;))

PC World Power Guide to...
Advanced Web Tricks
Digital Cameras
Free Software
Hardware Tweaks
Home Electronics
PC Fixes
PC Upgrades
Reliable Hardware
Software Add-Ons
Stopping Spyware
Storage Options
Trouble-Free PC
Using Windows
Wireless Networking

http://www.oxyshare.com/get/18256065224 ... s.rar.html
kucati: FuckRapid$hit

Electronic Gaming Monthly August 2006

http://rapidshare.de/files/26814520/add ... t.2006.rar
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Post by BHG » 24/07/2006 16:17

zna li neko gdje mogu naci knjigu jasperreports za javu ili nesto slicno...samo da je jasper...hvala unaprijed....

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Alfons Kauders
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Post by Alfons Kauders » 24/07/2006 16:28

eh, da se i ja ogrebem malo... ima kakav frisak jane's o libanu ?

semso poplava
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Post by semso poplava » 24/07/2006 16:33

fluid hvala buraz! :)

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Post by The_Fluid » 24/07/2006 16:51

Alfons Kauders wrote:eh, da se i ja ogrebem malo... ima kakav frisak jane's o libanu ?
trenutno ne, imas neke druge magazine koji zbore o izraelskoj agresiji na Liban, cim bude postavim

programming with Mcft visual c++.net 6th edition.chm

http://rapidshare.de/files/26186954/pro ... dition.chm

Math Resources - Tutorials, Formulas, Calculators, Directories

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Post by The_Fluid » 24/07/2006 21:48

PC Professionell 08 / 2006


PC Welt 08 / 2006


Zetschrift Test (Stiftung Warentest ) Jahrgang 2005


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Post by The_Fluid » 25/07/2006 15:17

Everyday Practical Electronics - July 2006

Everyday Practical Electronics is the Number #1 hobby electronics and computer projects magazine for electronics constructors everywhere. Every issue is packed with ideas, theory and projects for you to build — using class-leading drawings and illustrations, with full circuit diagrams, p.c.b. layouts, artwork and photos, EPE is bound to have something of interest to you!

This issue:
PC Power Monitor, A "dirt cheap" High Current Power Supply, Digital Instrument Display for Cars (Part 2), and PIC SUDOKU among others...

http://rapidshare.de/files/26892480/EPE ... 006-07.rar
kucati: gNKybK46vJio98

Sailing World Magazine May 2006

Whether you are an expert racer or an avid fan of the events and strategies of the America's Cup, let Sailing World come into your life. Turn to this magazine for the best coverage of the performance sailing world. Each color issue features articles on the top racers and their vessels, plus the best advice from sailing experts. Beautiful, scenic photography creates a superior sailing magazine


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Post by *sunflower » 27/07/2006 10:18

Treba mi neka literatura za marketing i PR.

Zahvalana, beskrajno... :)

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Post by kazimir » 31/07/2006 23:18

Interesuje me da li neko moze da "okaci" novi broj Die Zeit-a (27.07.) kao i da li postoji mogucnost da se dobije neki od brojeva "The New Yorker"-a?

Unapred izrazavam veeeeliku zahvalnost :-D .

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Post by The_Fluid » 02/08/2006 11:22

kazimir wrote:Interesuje me da li neko moze da "okaci" novi broj Die Zeit-a (27.07.) kao i da li postoji mogucnost da se dobije neki od brojeva "The New Yorker"-a?

Unapred izrazavam veeeeliku zahvalnost :-D .

DIE ZEIT 2006.31 - Juli 27 2006

http://rapidshare.de/files/27264804/zeit0631.zip (bez reklama, 7MB)
http://rapidshare.de/files/27264279/zeit0631mw.zip (35MB sa reklamama)

DER SPIEGEL - 31 - July 31 2006

http://rapidshare.de/files/27486855/dsp200631ow.zip (bez reklama)
ili http://rapidshare.de/files/27487909/dsp200631mw.zip (sa reklamama)

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Post by kazimir » 02/08/2006 19:27

Hvala Fluidu!
Nazalost, Die Zeit je vec nestao...

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Post by kazimir » 04/08/2006 09:30

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Post by johnnykola » 04/08/2006 20:44

mogu li se gdje naci nme-ovi
od ove godine? hvala unaprijed! :-D

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Andrew S. Tanenbaum, «Computer Networks», Fourth Edition
Prentice Hall | ISBN 0130661023 | August 2002 | CHM | 891 Pages | 3,3 Mb

Computer Networks, Fourth Edition is the ideal introduction to today's networks-and tomorrow's. This classic best seller has been thoroughly updated to reflect the newest and most important networking technologies with a special emphasis on wireless networking, including 802.11, Bluetooth, broadband wireless, ad hoc networks, i-mode, and WAP. But fixed networks have not been ignored either with coverage of ADSL, gigabit Ethernet, peer-to-peer networks, NAT, and MPLS. And there is lots of new material on applications, including over 60 pages on the Web, plus Internet radio, voice over IP, and video on demand. Finally, the coverage of network security has been revised and expanded to fill an entire chapter.


Chapter 1. Introduction
Section 1.1. Uses of Computer Networks
Section 1.2. Network Hardware
Section 1.3. Network Software
Section 1.4. Reference Models
Section 1.5. Example Networks
Section 1.6. Network Standardization
Section 1.7. Metric Units
Section 1.8. Outline of the Rest of the Book
Section 1.9. Summary

Chapter 2. The Physical Layer
Section 2.1. The Theoretical Basis for Data Communication
Section 2.2. Guided Transmission Media
Section 2.3. Wireless Transmission
Section 2.4. Communication Satellites
Section 2.5. The Public Switched Telephone Network
Section 2.6. The Mobile Telephone System
Section 2.7. Cable Television
Section 2.8. Summary

Chapter 3. The Data Link Layer
Section 3.1. Data Link Layer Design Issues
Section 3.2. Error Detection and Correction
Section 3.3. Elementary Data Link Protocols
Section 3.4. Sliding Window Protocols
Section 3.5. Protocol Verification
Section 3.6. Example Data Link Protocols
Section 3.7. Summary

Chapter 4. The Medium Access Control Sublayer
Section 4.1. The Channel Allocation Problem
Section 4.2. Multiple Access Protocols
Section 4.3. Ethernet
Section 4.4. Wireless LANs
Section 4.5. Broadband Wireless
Section 4.6. Bluetooth
Section 4.7. Data Link Layer Switching
Section 4.8. Summary

Chapter 5. The Network Layer
Section 5.1. Network Layer Design Issues
Section 5.2. Routing Algorithms
Section 5.3. Congestion Control Algorithms
Section 5.4. Quality of Service
Section 5.5. Internetworking
Section 5.6. The Network Layer in the Internet
Section 5.7. Summary

Chapter 6. The Transport Layer
Section 6.1. The Transport Service
Section 6.2. Elements of Transport Protocols
Section 6.3. A Simple Transport Protocol
Section 6.4. The Internet Transport Protocols: UDP
Section 6.5. The Internet Transport Protocols: TCP
Section 6.6. Performance Issues
Section 6.7. Summary

Chapter 7. The Application Layer
Section 7.1. DNS—The Domain Name System
Section 7.2. Electronic Mail
Section 7.3. The World Wide Web
Section 7.4. Multimedia
Section 7.5. Summary

Chapter 8. Network Security
Section 8.1. Cryptography
Section 8.2. Symmetric-Key Algorithms
Section 8.3. Public-Key Algorithms
Section 8.4. Digital Signatures
Section 8.5. Management of Public Keys
Section 8.6. Communication Security
Section 8.7. Authentication Protocols
Section 8.8. E-Mail Security
Section 8.9. Web Security
Section 8.10. Social Issues
Section 8.11. Summary

Chapter 9. Reading List and Bibliography
Section 9.1. Suggestions for Further Reading
Section 9.1.1. Introduction and General Works
Section 9.2. Alphabetical Bibliography


Science Magazine August 4, 2006

http://rapidshare.de/files/28248185/sci ... .08.04.rar

Peter iNova, «Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras (Version 5.0)»

A rich, detailed, information-laden and easy-to-pick-up and use guide, Peter iNova’s Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras is an interactive CD software which is fully compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms. Featuring extensive “walk-through” instructions to making the most of camera systems, special effects, computer software, and more, Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras will improve any dedicated photographer’s digital photography skills with respect to the economical Nikon Compact Digital Camera.
Also very highly recommended is Peter iNova’s The Sony Advanced Cyber-Shot eBook written specifically for practitioners of all skill and experience levels. In-depth camera courses, digital photography lessons, demo software, live internet connections, pdf files, example files, and so much more make The Sony Advanced Cyber-Shot eBook an advanced, interactive self-teaching guide of the highest order.

http://rapidshare.de/files/28251783/Pho ... ameras.rar
kucati: nicetries

Susan Snedaker, «Syngress IT Security Project Management Handbook»
Syngress Publishing | ISBN 1597490768 | June 2006 | PDF | 612 Pages | 4,40 Mb

The First and Last Word on Managing IT Security Projects
As the late management guru Peter Drucker once said, "Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work." The intent of this book is not to lead you through long, arduous planning processes while hackers are stealing your network out from under you. The intent is to provide you with effective network security planning tools so that you can "degenerate into hard work" as quickly as possible to keep your network secure with the least amount of effort.
Rather than losing sleep at night wondering who's wandering around your network in the dark, you can create a comprehensive security solution for your company that will meet your security needs today and will allow you to address new security requirements in the future. This book is designed to help you do exactly that.

* Analyze the Cost of Prevention Versus Remediation How to determine if preventing a security breach is less costly than fixing it once it occurs.
* Identify the Right Project Management Team Determine who will be affected and make certain they are on board from the start.
* Monitor IT Security Project Quality Many companies must comply with specific monitoring requirements to meet industry or governmental regulations.
* Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Be sure that your WBS tasks are at the same level by keeping the level of detail consistent.
* Create Reliable Documentation Your documentation should be well defined and completed in as near real time as possible.
* Implement Individual Security Analysis Programs (ISAPs) Testing requires an active "push" against security areas to ensure they don't collapse.
* Close the Issues Log, Change Requests, and Error Reports Addressing known issues in a reasonable manner and documenting those resolutions are important elements of reducing risk.
* Review Legal Standards Relevant to Your Project Failure to understand the legal implications may leave your company at substantial legal risk.
* Walk Through a Complete Plan Includes a step-by-step security project plan for a security assessment and audit project

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Post by The_Fluid » 06/08/2006 16:22

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How To Do Everything With (AIO) Pack - Vol. 1
McGraw-Hill Osborne | PDF | 5 Books | 61,5 Mb

01 - How To Do Everything With Microsoft Office 2003
02 - How To Do Everything With Microsoft Office Excel 2003
03 - How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
04 - How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Access 2003
05 - How To Do Everything With Microsoft Office Infopath 2003

How To Do Everything With (AIO) Pack - Vol. 2
McGraw-Hill Osborne | PDF | 5 Books | 72,0 Mb

01 - How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
02 - How to Do Everything with PHP and MySQL
03 - How To Do Everything With JavaScript
04 - How to Do Everything with Photoshop 7
05 - How to Do Everything with Illustrator CS

How To Do Everything With (AIO) Pack - Vol. 3
McGraw-Hill Osborne | PDF | 6 Books | 67,3 Mb

01 - How To Do Everything with Your Scanner
02 - How To Do Everything with Your Digital Camera
03 - How to Do Everything With Your iPod
04 - How To Do Everything with Your Pocket PC
05 - How to Do Everything With Your Blackberry
06 - How to Do Everything with Your eBay Business


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Post by NIN » 13/08/2006 18:02

da li je moguce pronaci "Uvodna predavanja u fiziku" Richarda P. Feynmana?
(po mogucnosti na nasem)



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Post by pentesileja » 13/08/2006 18:08

veliko fala i od mene
pitala sam se sta citat uz kahvu

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Post by The_Fluid » 21/08/2006 18:06

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Post by car-x » 22/08/2006 11:41

tecni, jesam li ja nesto fulio, ili nema treehouse pdf-ova vec duze vrijeme.. (zadnji imam april cini mi se)..

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Post by The_Fluid » 22/08/2006 14:49

car-x wrote:tecni, jesam li ja nesto fulio, ili nema treehouse pdf-ova vec duze vrijeme.. (zadnji imam april cini mi se)..

Nisam ih postavljao iskren da budem, potrazim pa stavim sta ima nakon aprila 2006, u medjuvremenu evo nekih drugih magazina:

Internet World Business 2006 bis Nr. 16


i onda jos juli 2006:

Before and After Magazine, BA0642, Design a wrap-around brochure

http://www.oxyshare.com/get/11530172704 ... a.rar.html
http://rapidshare.de/files/30047925/BA0 ... ochure.pdf

Scientific American - 2006 September

http://rapidshare.de/files/30307211/Sci ... 6_-_09.rar

Science magazine - 2006 August 11

http://rapidshare.de/files/30212426/Sci ... _08-11.pdf

American PHOTO July/August 2006


Popular Photography & Imaging September 2006


Webifex Magazines Sharing Design Secrets

http://rapidshare.de/files/30004279/Pho ... azines.rar
http://depositfiles.com/files/207111/Ph ... s.rar.html

Computer Gaming World 2006 September

http://rapidshare.de/files/29812597/Com ... 6_-_09.rar

AutoCAD for Architects Tutorials (AutoCAD Video Tutorials)

AutoCAD 2005 for Architects is intended for intermediate to advanced users who want to take full advantage of AutoCAD in an architectural environment. This tutorial will guide the user to more advanced 2D features of AutoCAD and basic 3D concepts. VTC author, Ivanhoe Tejeda, begins the tutorial by creating working drawings for a single family residence before moving on to create a 3D model of the home. The tutorial will also introduce Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop software, useful in the creation of color presentations. To being learning today, simply click on one of the AutoCAD 2005 for Architects lessons.

Never has it been so easy to learn AutoCAD 2005 for Architects.
No expensive classroom training courses.
No boring hard to follow books to read.
Learn from your own desk at a pace that suits you.
High quality affordable training that is easy to use and follow.
Use our unique training method, it makes learning easy no matter what your learning style.

Introduction to AutoCAD 2005 (01:42)
Review the AutoCAD 2005 GUI (03:1icon_cool.gif
Architectural Visualization (03:11)
Architectural Firms (04:04)

CAD Drawings
The Working Drawing and Scale Factor (02:40)
Externally Referenced Files (02:40)
Plotting a Monochrome Drawing (06:11)
Plotting a Color Drawing (03:02)
Creating Presentation Drawings (02:30)
Plotting an EPS File (03:11)
Introducing Illustrator (05:35)
Introducing Photoshop (06:23)

Blocks and Wblocks
Defining Blocks and Wblocks (03:07)
Cut and Paste Options (04:16)
Introduction to DesignCenter (06:27)
Introduction to Tool Palettes (05:10)

External References
External Reference Defined (04:10)
Insert an XREF (03:55)
XCLIP Command pt. 1 (04:03)
XCLIP Command pt. 2 (03:3icon_cool.gif
XREF Manager (05:26)
When to Use External References (03:50)

Electrical Plan and Architectural Plan
Use an Existing Architectural Sheet (03:16)
Electrical Plan pt. 1 (07:07)
Electrical Plan pt. 2 (02:51)
Architectural Plan (06:41)

Creating the Elevation
XREF the Plan and XLINE Command (05:03)
Layers and Draw Order (04:32)
Hatching Elevations with Snapbase (05:33)
An Architectural Sheet as a Template (06:13)
Viewports and Text (06:53)
Leader Lines and Elevation Markers (07:03)

Working Drawings
Architectural Set of Working Drawings (06:42)
Reinforce How this Project Uses Xrefs (05:07)
Using an Attribute Block (05:02)
Creating an Attribute Block (07:06)
Selecting Objects pt. 1 (05:15)
Selecting Objects pt. 2 (06:33)
Cycle and Quick Select (05:3icon_cool.gif

Create a Monochrome Plot Style Table (06:44)
Create a Color Plot Style Table (05:22)
Combining Color and Monochrome Files (05:47)
Color Gradient Hatching (03:46)
How to Create an EPS File (05:09)

Customizing the GUI (06:3icon_cool.gif
Creating a Custom Toolbar (04:19)
Using a Pre-Defined Icon (02:43)
Creating a Custom Icon (06:16)
Keyboard Shortcut and Command Alias (05:40)

Introduction to 3D
3D Architectural Entities (03:45)
Controlling the View and the UCS (04:2icon_cool.gif
Viewpoint Presets and 3D Orbit Command (04:24)
Creating a 3D Glass as a Surface (05:55)
Creating a 3D Glass as a Solid (04:47)
Rotating 3D Objects (03:54)

Introduction to 3D Solids
3D Sofa - Building the Solids (05:3icon_cool.gif
3D Sofa - Editing the Solids (05:09)
3D Sofa - Advanced 2D and 3D Commands (05:49)
Completing the 3D Sofa (04:33)

The 3D Exterior House Model
Creating the Walls pt. 1 (05:22)
Creating the Walls pt. 2 (03:45)
XREF the Elevations Using 3Point UCS (05:46)
Slicing 3D Solids (02:5icon_cool.gif
Moving and Extruding Faces (03:55)
Completing the Window Opening (05:50)
Window Frames Using Subtract (05:4icon_cool.gif
Door and Window Openings Using Subtract (04:46)
Door Frames Using Union (04:12)
Saving a Named View and a UCS (03:53)
Completing 3D Walls with 2D Elevations (05:12)
Review Extrude and Subtract Command (05:50)
Using Point Filters (04:04)
3D Roof pt. 1 (04:45)
3D Roof pt. 2 (05:56)
3D Roof - Interference Command pt. 1 (06:49)
3D Roof - Interference Command pt. 2 (03:50)
Extrude via Path (04:32)

3D Interior House Model
Interference Command with 3D Walls (03:5icon_cool.gif
Custom Toolbars for 3D Modeling (04:5icon_cool.gif
3D Walls and the Separate Command (05:26)
Techniques for Modeling Two Floors (02:47)
3D Door Frames (04:35)
Polylines That Will Not Extrude (03:23)
Pros and Cons of Clipping Planes (04:1icon_cool.gif
Creating 3D Cabinets pt. 1 (05:02)
Creating 3D Cabinets pt. 2 (04:46)
Completing the 3D Cabinets (07:05)

Creating the Perspective Views
The Dview Command and Saving Views (06:07)
Zoom/Distance/3D Orbit (03:11)
Presentation Borders to Compose Layouts (03:41)
Composing a Raster File (04:43)

Miscellaneous Commands and Options
3D Ruled Surface - Sloped Surfaces (04:12)
3D Ruled Surface - Curtains (05:23)
Viewports in Model Space (04:21)
Interior Perspective (03:41)
Model Space Viewports and Layers (03:33)

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Composing the Floor Plan (06:14)
Adding Color to the Wall (04:16)
Adding Color to the Floor (04:45)
Summarizing the Techniques (03:09)
Completing the Presentation (06:11)

Final Words (02:46)

About this Author (02:17)

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