What are some problems you may face on your electric skateboard?

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#1 What are some problems you may face on your electric skateboard?

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Hi everyone, I'm a huge fan of electric skateboarding. I have been using electric skateboards as a personal means of transportation for almost 10 years. I spend my free time updating the latest information about e-skateboards. I think I will start sharing my experiences with this type of vehicle from now on.

I will start by sharing the problems you will likely face during electric skateboarding. I have to admit that electric skateboarding is fun and cool. You and your board will attract eyes from the public. But there will be times when problems will come on their own without warning. To avoid unnecessary embarrassments and best prepare to deal with them quickly, make sure to read through this article.

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Problems you may encounter on your electric skateboard

Wheel bite

Wheel bite is the phenomenon where the wheel is in direct contact with the board when turning. Wheel bite causes the rider off balance or/and causes the board to come to a sudden stop and the rider to be thrown off the board. Wheel bite is more dangerous for electric skaters, as they often ride at a faster speed, and turning at fast speeds can easily lead to this problem.

Lost connection

The electric skateboard uses the 2.4Ghz remote control frequency, which is commonly used for other electronic devices such as computers and phones. The loss of the connection signal can be caused by this frequency disturbance. Sudden loss of signal may cause the board to stop or you may not be able to brake. This is extremely dangerous.

Remote pressing error

Each electric skateboard comes with a remote controller. The rider could press the wrong button and cause the board to operate improperly. Or the owner starts the board by accident anywhere, it can run out and cause an accident for pedestrians.

The battery won’t start

When electronic devices are not used for a long time, they will die. So are electric skateboard batteries, they will die after a long period of inactivity unless you have a battery protecting system. When the battery dies, you won't get any response from it, can't charge nor turn on.

Grip tape

The grip tape can come off and injure your leg or hand while you are riding or grabbing the board. Many people usually ignore this, but the grip tape of electric skateboards is usually quite stiff and strong. Be careful!

Carrying problem

Electric skateboards are quite heavy to carry with your arms. It will cause pain in the arm. In this case, buy yourself a backpack.

Problem with belt motor

When you accidentally start the board, the belt easily rolls the objects around it. If you wear long pants it will also get caught in the gears, or if you are checking the wheel and accidentally start the board, the belt will roll out your fingers, too.

Problem with the hub motor

The disadvantage of a hub motor board is poor heat dissipation. So do not touch the motor after riding, or you will get burned. It can be as hot as a motorcycle's exhaust. Have you ever been burned by a motorcycle exhaust? Burns with hub motors are just as bad. In case your wheels are made with poor quality materials, they will melt and deform.

So how can these problems be avoided?

You can follow my instructions below or read more about common problems with electric skateboards and how to solve them here https://eskatebuddy.com/what-are-common-problems-with-electric-skateboards.html

Clean your board regularly

Make sure the skateboard doesn't contain a lot of dirt or mud, which can cause sudden stops. In addition, regular cleaning of the board also helps you to find out the problems and make timely adjustments.

Use your board regularly

If you plan not to use the boards for a long time, find a way to sell them or manage to ride them at least once a week to make sure the batteries are working and don’t die.

Keep the remote control in a safe place. Keep the controls in a box where you won't accidentally start them somewhere. When not using the board, put the remote in the cabinet, not in your bag because you will be pressing the buttons unintentionally and the automatic operation will start.

Tighten bolts and screws.

After a period of operation, the screws will tend to loosen. You need to check periodically at least once a month to make sure the screws are tight enough.

So that's the first information that I give you. If you like, please like and share this post. I will also share many useful articles about electric skateboards here. Follow me. And don't forget to take a moment to explore eSkateBuddy!

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