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Ignore this !

Post by Decerto » 29/02/2012 17:36

Testiram voting system na jednoj stranici pa nemam foruma na kojem bi mogao testirati osim ovog :lol: admin neka obrise topic.

We are so glad to announce that Knight Imperia, the best farm server ever existed, being open on 2 March 2012 19:00 (GMT +2)!

As of now, everything is ready but we'll still keep checking for minor bugs before the official release.
The server is currently on Open Beta status, so you can grab an account and start playing right now.

Panel: http:// (http://www.knight-imperia.net)
Forum: http://ki.b1.jcink.com

Level Cap
62 currently, then 65, 70, 73.

Clan grade requirements
50k for grade 4
100k for grade 3
200k for grade 2
400k for grade 1

Upgrade Rates
+4 - %65
+5 - %55
+6 - %45
+7 - %10
+8 - %2
+9 - %0,001
+10 - disabled

+4 - %85
+5 - %75
+6 - %65
+7 - %20
+8 - %5

Experience Rates
* Gring exping is 3 times harder than old KI rates. "Can be increased"
* Events like BDW, happy hours, weekend bonus grant decent experience.
* Colony Zone always has ongoing %50 bonus experience rates.
* Decent exping slots (Apostle, Harpy, Troll, Golem) are configured to be awarding same experience/minute. You won't stick to same spot again.

- Weekend %50 bonus experience, all day long during Saturday/Sunday. (without restart being a requirement!)
- Happy hours, which increases the NP income for 1 hours everyday!
- Custom reward box for the winners of CSW.
- Weapon rental system, fully working as intented.
- A custom, clientside anticheat. (Will be tested & improved during CB.)
- Custom TBL encryption. (A selfmade one!)

For each kill in Colony Zone, you and your party will gain one accessory piece. You will be able to trade 100x pieces for quest accessories.

Drop Rates
Bowl bosses has %30 less droprate than old KI.
Eslant bosses has %30 less droprate than old KI. (doesn't apply to crap bosses)
Isiloon has %30 less droprate than old KI, but increased droprate on crap uniques/shells.
Dark Mares in cz has minimal droprate until the release of level 65 content.
SOI's in abyss has minimal droprate until the release of level 65 content.
High class items has a low droprate.
+9 accessories won't drop often anymore. They will be pretty rare.
Kekuri rings will drop at %0,1 rate.
Bus droprate will remain same! (around %20 per wolf)

If you didn't play on Knight Imperia before and don't know our old rates, our rates are X2 MYKO rates. It is a semi hardcore farm server with corrected drops on every single monster.

Ps. I am a player on Knight Imperia, helping my server to advertise.

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